todays discoveries

The website of Helene Deroubaix
The work of French collage artist Helene. She is doing a collage a day project.

The work of Artful Zebra
Artful Zebra has a lot going on. I really enjoyed looking at the humble monument to Tom Phillips' A Humument that I found here.

The Shukovsky Gallery
While cleaning up my website links and restructuring my site, I found some things that I had forgotten about...such as this link to the Shukovsky artwork that was on my home page!!

The language of somnambulism: K. Lindbergs
Photos, collage, lots of things to look at.

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artfulzebra said...

Hello there,

I just wanted to say thank you for posting about my blog! I'd never seen your blog before but it's chock full of fab stuff to check out. Many thanks!


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