I had a video in mind

I was so excited when I got my iPad and I thought it was going to change my internet world and how I react with it. I started my first Video Blog Post...and found that it was a lot harder being your own producer/actress than I had thought! I did a bunch of footage and as I looked it over I just kept finding flaws.  I really wanted to post it here, and held on stubbornly so I could come up with the "right" video.

Then came my life bounding in with it's utter immediacy. Things in my world are about to change so dramatically that it has tipped and upset my delicate balance. You know how hard it is to get collage work done when the focus is lost. I have had a complete loss of life focus! Chris has been needing help at his antique store for quite awhile now and we hold back knowing that it means finding someone he can trust in addition to committing hours for someone. Money is tight and we really just haven't had the means to do this. So we mutually decided that it would be best if I give it a try and help him myself. This is a pretty big undertaking. I am talking about quitting my day job (of 14 years) and also leaving my printing related career (of 29 years) and moving into being an antique dealer. The skill sets are quite different, that's for sure. Even though I am a Mac techician by day, I deal with the same folks from my company day after day. In my new capacity I will be dealing retail with the public, setting up store displays, promoting the business on line, etc. It's a lot different than what I am used to, since this job has a flexible schedule and basically I am working for myself.

I am so excited I could burst. But this moment is still a month away and I am in the middle of the prep that is required to make the Leap! We have taken care of our financials...and that's all ready for this new mode and now I am trying to clean up my computer at work and get ready to give my notice. You dear reader, know even before them.

Please accept my excuses and lack of blogging for what it is. I am looking forward to finally having some time to work on things for myself, such as this blog and my own internet presence, when this whole job thing switches over. Meanwhile I apologize for such sparse posting. It have been doing artwork, in fact I just finished an 8 page series of mermaid based works inspired by my trip to Maine next week. (well, really I HAVE to use up those vacation days....!!)

Collage is still at the bottom of my heart and I am narrowing down my focus on a few super big projects that I have always wanted to tackle, things that are dear to my heart but will take a lot of perseverence and effort. I think this next phase of my life will allow me this time to work and I cannot wait to see what happens next!!!

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