Cyber Collage party

Paul Butlers Collage party. Old news, but still what a cool idea....i found this here at FREE MANIFESTA:

"This August 10th, 2002, Paul Butler is inviting you to join him and his friends to participate in perhaps the largest collage party ever. The collage party is basically just an excuse to get together with friends and make collage. All you have to do is find a venue, get some magazines, tape etc..., some food and drink, and the rest will come naturally. Butler wants to invite collage artists all over the world to participate by hosting collage parties of their own the same day, documenting them with digital cameras and scanners, and emailing their parties to theotherpaulbutler.com throughout the 24 hr. party, all of the images produced will be posted for all to see. All you have to do is host a collage party on the 10th of August and email in your installation shots and collage works produced to: pbutter@mts.net. (yes, butter not butler). VISIT theotherpaulbutler.com for more information."

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