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12 Tales of the Forest Nr. 3
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Something I am currently working on is a series of 12 little tiny books. They are each 8 pages and will have a theme. Together they comprise the 12 tales of the forest! It is silly for the first book to be number 3, but you know how artists are. It's my world, and it has a mind of it's own! I like it how when you are an artist you can control crazy stuff like that. It is up to Me whether or not the first book is really the third book or the fifth book or ...really the first book he he he!

These are quite tiny, each page only 2 x 4. It is difficult to work in such a small format and still retain crazy graphic details! Good thing I have nice long natural fingernails! I actually take a special vitamin for my nails so they are strong and ready for minute placements!

Already I crave to work on a large flamboyant piece. There is more freedom in larger work and less tedium when placing things. I may have to do a large piece simultneously with these little tiny books. That way I can feel the best of both worlds.

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