When is a Piece of Mail a Piece of Art?

When is a Piece of Mail a Piece of Art?
When Terry Garrett sends you a letter, that's when! I was most delighted to receive this gorgeous and meticulous piece of art from Terry on a day when my soul felt most black. I wasn't expecting much in the old snail mail box, except more bills..., but there was this fantastic adventure in there to surprise me.

the folded envy, with the flap tucked in

I have felt a bit inside of myself lately. This letter helped to draw me back out.
the little diamond fold
The image of a bird landing on a rooftop...a parallel to the mail that landed in my box.
the beautiful letter - art cheers up the soul
The telescopic eye of this collage on the outside of the envelope is another parallel...to the way I feel about looking towards the future in time... of the country, my network persona, my blog, my artwork, my soul. All systems Go!
the prophetic vision - we look to the future!


It was inevitable. With the world beginning to #occupyitself....I found a strong need to begin to #occupythisblog better than ever before.

I am surprised Steven didn't lead a small protest and take it over!  I've been a slacker plain and simple. And it's time to crack the whip, quit whining, and get down to business.

I just did the first thing I could to make it obvious things are changing here. I chose this new design for the blog for the ability that it gives YOU as the use to create your own interface and viewing experience.
It's so democratic. It's so fresh. Let's rock this thing!

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