I have been so busy posting information about collage on the web that I have neglected to post my own work. I have a lot going on, but I wanted to do some personal art right after the holidays, before I get all tangled up in projects.

Mixed Media Collage
16 x 20
acrylic, vintage sewing patterns, stash tea box, old navy blanket ribbon, old blueprints, creamer inner foil seal, lindor candy wrappers, vintage paper dolls, sticker from blue J. rails in NYC, vintage flower scrapbook page, lottery ticket


Laura said...

Love the piece, and the crow. People always ask me about the symbol of the crow what does it mean. And now I ask you what is the meaning behind your crow.

Julie Takacs said...

This crow is in her dark boudoir surrounded by spidering objects aware of her place cellestially, and she stands quite comfortably in her own space, away from the cage. Aware of it, and the lack of freedom that it means, the room seems quite dark and forboding.

This piece was originally accidental. I have boxes of ephemera, all half cut, and magazine pages and such. As I leaf thru them sometimes looking for stuff, a "found" collage will occur.This is when a strange head will find itself in the box directly above an apt and able body...Now and then these found pieces in the box will cry out to me. In this case, as I went thru, and came upon the image in the box of the crow head on the girl body, I set it aside and soon enough it became my first piece of the new year.
thanks for sharing....but now, you must share what symbolically the crow means to you!!

Laura said...

Julie, thanks for sharing, I love how just going through a box of stuff is the process to create a random collage. I fine that the most intriguing part of creating a collage. I don't do it as often as I would like. I think if it also as a warm up exercise to get prepared for the deeper creative happenings. As for the symbolism of the crow for me is, The one who knows, flys high up above and watch and knows what is happening. Also I use the crow as a sign for balance, the need for it and the way I would like to feel most of the time in balance with myself and life around me. "An inner law to the balance of life." Either I'm seeking it or it's been created and regaining it for myself. Well I'm not that good at expressing myself as of creating with images. I would rather use an image to relate to then words sometimes.

Thanks for ask, and I'm really enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

nice piece! great blog! I'll have to spend some time readig all you have written - you've been busy! yay you! :-)

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