Yet another NYC collage exhibit

Read this story in the NY Times about a Romare Bearden collage exhibit.

“Romare Bearden Collage: A Centennial Celebration” is on view through May 21 at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 24 West 57th Street, Manhattan; (212) 247-0082, michaelrosenfeldart.com.


Webster Wagner Hollow

Webster Wagner Hollow
Mixed Media on Oak Dresser Drawer
Acrylic, pen and ink, stencil, tape transfer, vintage yarn package, graffiti peeled in NYC, laser prints
I often drive by dark, old neglected buildings and wonder about the interiors. Sometimes there's a dim light and I can peak in and see the shadows of my imagination inside. This particular house, the Webster Wagner house in Palatine Bridge had no lights on and a feeling of desolate desperation permeates it's exterior. It always seems so empty and hollow.
While I composed this piece, I stopped to consider what should happen inside the building. I wanted no top or bottoms on the buildings prompting you to get closer to look inside. I wanted to convey the hollow feelings I have. So I decided to have the inside of the building be identical to the outside, a mirror image of the outside. The exterior has an interior that is it's exterior.

The exterior has an interior that is it's exterior

This idea of working on a different plane has me enthused. Especially since it fits my current subject matter so well! The video I am doing might really benefit from this treatment. It's funny how one idea bleeds into another.

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