"Thinking of Ewe"

Steve Specht here...
On Saturday October 1st, Sculpture Space, located in Utica, NY will be holding its annual CHAIRity auction. Sculpture Space is an internationally lauded residency program for sculptors (see www.sculpturespace.org). I have been donating pieces to this great cause for the past 10 years. I usually do a piece of painted furniture and for the last couple of years did a collage as well. This year I have done this piece for the event. It's entitled "Thinking of Ewe" (14" x 11"). I'm hoping that two people like it enough so that it will bring in a respectable amount for Sculpture Space. It's a great event and is the closest that Utica ever gets to feeling like New York City (in my humble opinion). Enjoy!


Black and white?

Steven Specht here...
This piece is 14" x 22" and I think I will entitled it "It's Not Always Black and White". The reason for this title? Each of the elements - with the exception of the starry space element- is taken from a book or paper that made it appear to be black and white. However, although the pieces were monochromatic, they each had different hues. The woman is somewhat purple. The fetus is yellowish (aged paper). And the roses have a Payne's gray hue. I love the interplay of these subtle colors in this piece. Enjoy!



Best wishes from Steven Specht! Enjoy the day... and the rest of your lives together!


Takacs Shell Starship

Takacs Shell Starship by misphit
Takacs Shell Starship, a photo by misphit on Flickr.

Time is winding down and the available free time i have has disappeared. I have been preparing for my wedding which is next weekend. My husband shall receive some gifts of art. This piece is the cover of the little album I have been working on for him. I will be handing a miniature version out as a wedding favor.
The ocean is calling me, and as I sit on the coast of Maine, I shall be collecting ideas, images, and emotions for my next work. I have had hardly any time this summer with both my daughter and I getting married, but let me assure you, absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I cannot wait to get back to my artwork!
I'll be back soon, with a new name and a brand new attitude!


Old Forge exhibit

Steve Specht here...
Boy I really do not want to "displace" Julie's stunningly beautiful self-portrait collage, but I hope she'll understand. We got very little publicity for this up-coming show (and perhaps some of you will be interested). I will be part of a three-person exhibit this month at The Old Forge Library Gallery with Suzanne Firsching (sculptural wall hangings) and Victoria Zacek (fiber artist). The opening reception is the Friday (Aug. 5th) from 5:00-8:00.

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