I know I can mimic. But can I create?

My original idea here was to share things about collage Only. A clearinghouse of ideas for collage artists. A clearinghouse of various artists and what I feel about their work.  But I get inspiration from everywhere. This blog began to feel so sterile I ran away. I am such a varied individual and I get psyched about a lot of things..not just art. Sometimes these things affect what I am doing so greatly and I feel lame about not sharing the connections here on this blog. It's half ass.

The problem with this clearinghouse idea is that I am such a sponge!  I soak up all these great ideas people have and they taint my own chemistry. They bring in thoughts that are like little mini chemicals and they affect where I was heading and I end up with a different end product. Left alone, I find I go to a deeper and more creative place. I know I can mimic. But can I create?

I have boxed myself in so damn far that I have not allowed myself to Live and Breathe some new creative stuff. I have wanted to some silk screen prints and add this flavor to my work for a long time. But I think about a GOOD printer and how it takes time and experience to really become good....My mind does a rip tide and begins to think about how all this fooling around and experimentation takes time away from my art, which is collage. And it all deters me from that creative joy and exploration I love so much. I am a Viking! I want to go on an adventure, even in my fantasy art world.

I broke the box this month. I set up a studio on the 3rd floor of our Antique store and I have claimed the 20x20x20 space as my own. I named it TowerFifty5, a mixture of the fact that it's in a tower and on 55 Willett St.! It's my new print studio. I moved in all my book binding equipment and papers and Chris made me a wall shelf unit. I am ready for action. So what if I am going off on a side track for awhile. So what? I hope it can enhance my art, not detract from it. AND most importantly, My Self gets the experience of doing.

It's all so deep and complicated....

who could explain it? Those inner thoughts and inner subconscious things that find their way out of the soul and into the art?

 i will try but honestly it will most likely come up short.

I've always had trouble with self image. My father meant well but was hard on us kids and I never got too many attaboys even if deserved. My looks were average so so and I never was able to look in the mirror without wanting to look away. In my own way I have avoided my "self" and never really came to terms with what exactly it is that I Am. Even in the 50+ years of life on this planet. I have run so hard, I never paused to feel.
As I age, (and age and age) I am forced to look in that mirror and see what I have been hiding. I am finding out what wants to be revealed. And I am finding the time to pause and look within to see what hides deep down.

In my art I have always had problem with people. As a youth, my pictures contained no "man" and no trace of him at all not even a house or man made object. Pure Nature was joy and perfection, get man involved and it all goes sour! In my young adulthood I came to terms with this and began to explore humans and their environment. I used pictures from every source in my collage and nothing was sacred. Slowly I have no decided that as a ...dare we say it? Mature adult...I feel  I no longer have the time to hide and I have begun to explore with putting my Self into the picture. The progression seems to point to the fact that I am forcing myself to go Inward and get to the root of the matter and Outward to see what it is that I show to the world.

I have looked back at these selflies, these self portraits a la collage....and I can see wrinkles. Lots of them actually! Without seeming vain, I am trying to look at myself long enough to accept myself. And live with this New Older Me.  I am hoping to see beyond the superficial into my mind too. I can see connections in the art with how I feel in my heart. They are my own symbols, perhaps no one else can ever be expected to see them! But I am connecting with the inside and the outside of my Self. Perhaps there are some dormancies that need to come out of hibernation.

This is why these particular self portrait - selfies- pieces excite me enough to bring me out of my sleep and back to this blog. To report it. This excitement of self reflection and nirvana through creative art exploration.



Been reading on the web about the selfie phenom. It's where a person takes photos of themself ...via all those wondrous techno devices we have available to use now. What a blast! Here's a wiki definition: "selfie is a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated withsocial networking and photo sharing services such as MySpaceFacebook, and Instagram, where they are commonly posted."

 The whole selfie thing was something I just discovered but the idea of a self portrait via art surely isn't a new idea! Frida did it.  Van Gogh did it. Durer did it. And thankfully he did, I love his self portraits most of all.
Durer Self Portrait
Each year for the past 3 years I have given my dear husband a set of artwork based on the sea, since that is where we spend our vacation time together. It's a sweet topic loaded with fodder for my wild imagination. Since this set of artwork is for my love, I try extra hard to bare my soul on these works and try to make them extra good, extra special. E X T R A everything.
My love of the ocean stirred romantic visions of my own self, with a lot of shells, seaweed, and ocean wrapped in my hair. I made it real with collage. I took a photo of myself (yes, a selfie) and used it and made it happen. I was the mother of pearl. All whites...freshly married and feeling white. That was my absolute favorite work of that year. I was very pleased with idea of giving my self to him...via art.
Last year, I was all about mermaids. I made images of merchicks and immersed myself in the idea of being a mermaid. I cannot recall whether or not I did a self portrait but I have been thinking about it for months.
Finally this year I decided I was going to do a whole series of them.
An iPad, and iPhone, a camera, my tools of selfie! I have done 3 more self portraits with the aid of my camera. Again these are based on the sea. I cannot stop myself. I have 3 done and I am formulating the fourth. It's a great thing to put yourself in the art. It feels so utterly liberating! And I am not afraid to do anything, like I am when I use a photo that's already been taken of someone I have never met. Through the art I am going places. Places I want to  take you....
It's my version of a selfie.
Masquerade -  3rd Year

Mother of Pearl - 1st Year

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