change is again afoot. as i type this first post from an iPad i must say that i am not sure about what is next. my ideas of internet sharing are changing and i find my lack of technological advancement annoying as i hold onto this blog like a security blanket. the world is changing as computers lose their singular power over us and our phones take over. its getting easier for us to go to the next level and yet its all changing so fast we are barely able to keep up with it all...let alone process it all. my day job has led the way in my own personal journey towards an evolving internet, one wrought with so much potential that i have yet to touch. my thoughts turn to video...audio...a change in the media that i present to the world. blogs arent exactly a new phenom and i crave to use these all-too-available little microphone and camera buttons on my new devices. i apologize for the lower case post as i know its hard to read. its a product of this new device and the problem i have with typing so fast -99 wpm- and not being used to this keyboard. i have already slacked aon (a freudian slip?) ON this blog to such a degree that i am tempted to just end it altogether and run along with the rest of my twitterati and my tumblratti et al.! But something keeps me hanging on as i try to milk this blogging format for what its worth! i think something new is birthing. and i cannot wait to show you...and i will...as soon as i get over my fear of it.

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