Starstruck #9
Mixed Media Collage
11 x 14
watercolor, acrylic, torn silk screen, digitally altered photo output, vintage magazine clippings
There is a local town called Sharon Springs that has caught my creative attention. This town used to be a Victorian mineral spa. It has a few sulphur springs that are quite smelly, but apparently also quite therapeutic. The town has been abandoned over the years by all mineral spa visiting vacationers, and at this point the springs are in a state of decaying despair. There are 2 spots that really intrigue me, the White Sulphur Spring and bathhouse, and also the solid cast iron Magnesia Spring. I have had the opportunity to photograph these bizarre decaying and fascinating buildings, and also use them in a series of artworks that will become the basis for a large project; an artists book, a photo gallery, a DVD for the artists book, and also a website housing most of it digitally. I applied for a grant from the tricounty arts council...which serves Fulton, Montgomery and Schoharie counties. I got the Grant! So this project is ongoing and I would like to share it with others as I am going along.

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