"Ny-Alesund-Pole 0"

""Ice Park world ending", oil one canvas, (73 * 60 cm) 21.01.2007"

Valéry Grancher

This amazing project is one that is not exactly related to collage. It is related to our planet and awareness of what is happening around us. I want to help draw attention to the beautiful nature of this project by mentioning a little about it here on the collage clearinghouse.
This blog is "Log book of the artistic project "Ny Alesund Pole O" carried out by Valéry Grancher and Helene Kelmachter within the framework of the fourth polar year (Mars 2007 - Mars 2008) in partnership with the IPEV and Art with the poles". It is a very fascinating read!! I am following it because I feel it is a very noble thing for artists to use their creative power to showcase their beliefs. I used Babelfish to translate the page to english, you can find it here.

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