White on White

A worthy project was mentioned in the collage list on yahoo this week. Cecil Touchon of collagemuseum.com

Inspired by the show I mentioned a while back of found objects. I would like
to invite members of the collage email group to donate objects, collages,
constructions, assemblages, etc. that are white on white. This could be a
collection of white objects, collage made of blank paper or white paper
(maybe mellowed with age) where the white of the paper is the main element
like a Janet Jones 'mirage' collage, things painted white, like a Louise
Nevelson assemblage, or whatever strikes your imagination.

This is an open call with a show anticipated for October 2007 at the Fort
Worth Art Center and where ever else gets arranged. I anticipate this being
a multi-year project. All items will be exhibited on line at the
collagemuseum.com website. Send to:

White on White
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Here is the starter page.


Papier Croises 2007 Nr. 2

"Papiers Croisés (Cross Papers) is the name of a collective and individual work made up of 100 small collages. 10 000 combinations can be made of it, according to location of each collage. Through its concept, Papiers croisés reveals two characterictics of collage : iconoclastic meetings and possibility of recombining all that has been created before…"

The Art Du Collage has an interesting project going on. This large work is made up of 100 collages 3.94 x 3.94 square to complete a 2.28 x 2.28 ft. collage. The objective of this project and rules can be found here on their website.
I have not spent much time at the Museum Artcolle website. I remember when it was first set up, I was so busy at the time to correspond with them. I think its time I looked further into their work.


Les Boxes

There will be an exhibit by Matthew Rose in Brandon, VT starting next week at June 2 at the Gallery in the Field. This man has done some seriously fascinating collage work. The context behind the work, the loose book like structure of his work has me very intrigued. I am planning on attending his artist talk on June 2 thru July 8, 2007. This should be an excellent show. I really look forward to it!


High brow low brow and middle brow?

Always wondered about the def of lowbrow. Saw this post here at Edward Winklemans blog...as I was reading thru the comments, i read this...
"Ed, the brows are marked by varying refinement of taste. If you'll permit me a wine analogy: Highbrow taste can distinguish between years of a single vinyard. Middlebrow taste can distinguish between varietals. Lowbrow taste can distinguish between red and white.

So in art, highbrow taste is concerned with the highest reaches of the art, and fine distinctions between excellent efforts and superlative ones. Lowbrow taste is concerned with anything that tugs on the human psyche in any way. Middlebrow taste is concerned with the parameters of highbrow taste, but can't or won't access it. Incidentally, some people can become extremely good at low culture, just like others can excel at high culture. ... I'm undecided whether one can achieve mastery in the middlebrow realm - the nature of middlebrow taste might preclude it."

Fair(y) Use Tale

This is a link to a superbly crafted and very cutting edge short film put together by Prof. Eric Faden of Bucknell U. The movie uses numerous short clips from a whole collection of Disney films, pushing the limit on fair use and demonstrating copyright law in an interesting and novel way.

I really enjoyed the humorous tempo that this movie had. The definitive creative spirit behind this little flick makes it worth watching. Also worthy is the fact that this movie explains the whole Fair use idea....I highly recommend a viewing!

Joseph Cornell @ Pavel Zoubok Gallery in NYC

"PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition of collage and assemblage works by the twentieth century master JOSEPH CORNELL (1903-1972) and the distinguished Czech poet and collagist JIŘĺ KOLÁŘ (1914-2002)."

..."What both artists share is the articulation of a distinctly personal world through the respective creation of new visual strategies that extended the boundaries of what collage and assemblage could be and how they could be read. In this exhibition we find them exploring similar subjects and themes (travel, nature, astronomy, poetry and representations of women) from drastically different perspectives."

Location: Pavel Zoubok Gallery, 533 West 23rd Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm
April 19 – May 26, 2007



Originally uploaded by Angela Petsis.
This beautiful piece was done by Angela Petsis...She sells her collage work on www.etsy.com.
I really am crazy about her use of animals in her work, and I enjoy the story telling nature of her pieces.

Amanda Kavanagh

Velvetina is her flickr name. I have been a fan for awhile watching quietly her work. She has an insane amount of work on typepad...I like her use of type. Her work is very textural.

opinions culled from net sources

Quoted thoughts on current art movements..and issues...

Jeremyville..."I think the art movement of our time is not a stylistic one such as cubism or pop (which both essentially sprung from a particular geographical place and were championed by an art cognescenti), but rather, the new movement is international, happens mainly online, and is not owned by a few galleries. The new movement is collaboration. A project between 2 artists, between a company and an artist, between a publisher and a group of artists. It's a conceptual movement which has seen the artist reclaim his or her freedom from the client or patron or gallery. The artist can now choose who they work with, how much money they can make. How many shows they have a year. Direct their own destiny. Shape the marketing of their career. Create products from their art. Dictate what in fact is art. Reach their audience online. ."

John Maeda...""Amidst the attention given to the sciences as how they can lead to the cure of all diseases and daily problems of mankind, I believe that the biggest breakthrough will be the realization that the arts, which are conventionally considered 'useless,' will be recognized as the whole reason why we ever try to live longer or live more prosperously. The arts are the science of enjoying life."

Jeff Soto..."Artists...If you are a serious artist and you make art because you have to, it’s in your soul, it’s in your heart, you will eventually find your own style. I’m not saying it will be easy. It takes sacrifice, dedication, and experimentation. And once you think you found your style, throw it all away. Because your shit will get stagnant if you don’t keep evolving....Galleries...If you are showing work in this genre you should have at least an understanding of who the artists are, what their work looks like and where they have shown. You have to have the backbone to be able to tell artists to come back in a year with new work if it’s derivative. ...Buyers, You’re gonna hopefully buy a piece of art because you love something about it..."


Arturo Herrera @ IKON

28 March – 20 May 2007
First and Second Floor Galleries

Arturo Herrera was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1959, and lives and works in New York and Berlin, Germany. He is on display currently for the first time in England at IKON Gallery. As quoted from the IKON Site, "The centrepiece of this exhibition is the ambitious animation, Les Noces. This work comprises photographic and drawn details taken from Herrera’s previous works, characteristically cut and spliced to create new complex networks. Set to a ballet score of the same nameby Igor Stravinsky, the artist’s graphic visuals are complemented by its percussive musical idiosyncrasies."

I am intrigued by the idea of setting the work to a ballet score. I wish England were closer. You can read more about Herrera here.


Suzanne Sbarge

Rabbit Holes
mixed media on board
15" x 15"

I really like the illustrative quality of her work. Her website is full of whimsy...definitely worth looking into.

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