Circumstantial Evidence: Jonathan Talbot

It must be show season with so many good options! And collage shows are not lacking...
Here's a show in Milford, PA that Jonathan Talbot is having. This also would be a terrific show to see. Perhaps I need to arrange to see this show, then take the Metro North Train from Poughkeepsie down to the city for the Cutters show....Looks like I am arranging my next art trip!

Info here:
Jonathan Talbot Collage Exhibition
"Circumstantial Evidence"
at BlueStone Gallery
Opens Friday, September 25th, 2009
You are cordially invited to attend the opening of
Jonathan Talbot's exhibition
"Circumstantial Evidence"
at the BlueStone Gallery
104 East Ann St., Milford, PA
on Friday, September 25th, from 5 to 8 PM.

Milford, PA is 75 miles northwest of New York City
via routes I-280, I-80, 15, and 206.
It is 8 miles southwest of Port Jervis via route 209.

Among the works included in the exhibition will be
some from Jonathan's "Patrin" series
and the first twelve works in his
Duchamp-inspired "Bachelor" series.

For additional information or directions call
BlueStone Gallery at 570-296-9999
or call Jonathan at 845-258-4620.


This looks like a super show and I am already scheming my way to NY to go see it. Such a vast array of collage work in one place just HAS to be amazing.

Here's the skinny:

Cinders Gallery Presents:

Cutters: An Exhibition of International Collage

October 16th - November 15th 2009

Opening Reception Friday October 16th, 7-10pm

Curated by James Gallagher

Cutters showcases a variety of contemporary collage from North America and
Europe. The selected artists range from young google-image searchers to
collage veterans with roots in the 70s punk scene. Each one has a unique
vision and exciting visual vocabulary that includes collections of images
sorted and stacked, layered and glued, cut to pieces and ripped apart.

In our current age of vast visual stimuli, images and information are
swirling all around us at a faster pace than ever before. We process what we
can, latch on to fragments, and quickly move on. As we get used to
everything being remixed, edited, mashed up and shuffled around, these
collage artists freeze that frenzy and bring you in for a closer look at the
hand at work.

In this diverse collection you will find....Ophelia Chong's quiet moments,
Kareem Rizk’s weathered nostalgia, Max-O-Matic’s controlled chaos, Joe
Ryckebosch’s memory screens, Vanessa Lamounier’s stunning erotica, James
Gallagher’s unseen stages, and Jason Glasser’s visual soul (on glass).
Sophie Kern creates magical worlds (where goddesses, witches and
sorceresses rule all!), Bill Zindel attempts to make sense of stacks of
paper he has amassed,while Valero Doval combines vintage imagery with
delicate handwork.

With over 40 artists contributing close to 150 works of various sizes,
shapes, and colors, the gallery will be transformed into one giant
assemblage, glue stains and all.

Andreas Banderas (Norway), Michael Bartalos (USA), Melinda Beck (USA), Brian
Belott (USA), Jorge Chamorro/ La Cascara Amarga (Spain), Brian Chippendale
(USA), Ophelia Chong (USA), Saiman Chow (USA), Cless (Spain), Rebecca Conroy
(USA), Cristiana Couceiro (Portugal), Valero Doval (UK), Andy Ducett (USA),
Carl Dunn (USA), Lisa Eisenbrey (USA), Elroy (Germany), James Gallagher
(USA), Jason Glasser (France), Hort (Germany), Jordin Isip (USA), Lidy
Jacobs (Netherlands), Sophie Kern (UK), Eva Lake (USA), Vanessa Lamounier
(Netherlands), Matt Li[pps (USA), Sean Mackaoui (Spain), Max-o-matic
(Spain), Taylor McKimens (USA), Cameron Windish Michel (USA), Agnes
Montgomery (USA), Justin Mortimer (UK), Pedro Oliveira (Brazil), Julien
Pacaud (France), David Plunkert (USA), Kareem Rizk (Austrailia), Matthew
Rose (France), Brion Nuda Rosch (USA), Joe Ryyckebosch (USA), Katherine
Streeter (USA), Mario Wagner (Germany), Oliver Wiegner (Germany), Johanna
Wilhelm (Germany), Jessica Williams (USA), Bill Zindel (USA)

103 Havemeyer st.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Wed- Sun 1-7pm


In the royal realm of the crocus

I had a quiet moment at the studio table after a long 2 months of show preparation and the whirlwind of 2 opening receptions.
I felt free. Like a butterfly.


A Book About Death — My Side of the Story

If you read this blog, you know I participated in Matthew Rose's most interesting theme show, A Book About Death. Artists were invited to send 500 postcards based on the theme A Book About Death. Visitors would come to NY to the Emily Harvey Foundation and pick and choose between the cards to create their own unbound book about death. The idea for the exhibition stemmed from the late Ray Johnson, collagist and installation artist extraordinaire, who had created his own Book About Death.
I was busy preparing for my own show that opened this weekend, and attending was impossible. I was depressed to think that I would not get to see the other artists' interpretations and cards. So I asked my daughter Rose, who lives in Northport on Long Island, to attend and collect the cards for me. I warned her to bring a bag, it might get heavy. She had invited her friend Shane Blewett to go with her and help with the collecting. To add to the mystery and intrigue, I did not show my daughter what my card looked like!

The day after the show, she called me to report on how it went. "This was a free for all!" She reported. She described and extremely packed gallery. Lots. Of. People. Indeed. Packed. Heat. Scrambling. Sweat.
She had to stand in line for an hour in order to get in. Luckily the card stacks held and she was able to bring me over 424 cards and even a pile of duplicates!
She brought them up to me this weekend at my show opening.
I ended up sitting down and really looking them over yesterday. What an interesting and amazing group of artworks! I couldn't believe the effort that some had put into the work. I couldn't believe the high quality of the cards. I really liked the various takes on the theme, with some humorous, some serious, and some dedication cards.

I am currently an adjunct at SUNY Cobleskill teaching a Typography and Layout course. I couldn't help but notice the various myriad uses of typefaces on these cards. Some really used type in the work and I challenged my students to a font face-off! I had the duplicates spread out on the table and I had the class split into 2 teams. Each team would pick thru the cards, pick out 10 cards representing 3 different type categories and then most importantly, pick out cards in which the type accented the design and help propel the overall idea behind the card. This was a super exercise, and the students spent at least 15 minutes looking over the cards and inspecting them for graphic design inspiration. At the end of the exercise, I let them take the cards if they wanted. I noticed when I left, several were left on the table.
The postcards worked as a great example of the use of typography.!!
But, I'm not so sure that freshman college students are ready for Death!


The Whirlwind that is Me

Holy crap. I can't explain the utter crazy focus that I have been able to maintain over this past month.
The show  of course is what is on my mind, and it's difficult to get by the myriad of tasks that have faced me in getting ready. The tedium of framing was something I was not prepared for! I am using vintage frames, which all required a complete and thorough cleaning and then a swab with some of that miracle elixir...Old English! What great stuff that is, it hides everything. The cutting of glass, the cleaning of glass. It's in a class all by itself and I hate it. What difficult work, cleaning glass and not cutting yourself on the edges.
I felt as tho I was doing a delicate ballet on every single work as I slid it onto the glass, trying to avoid dust and little bits of stuff as I put it all together. Then there was the glazier points. UGH! On a nice pine frame life is good. On a 50 year old oak frame, life sucks. I have taken a beating in making the frames work. Stripping off the old swivels and wires hurt my fingertips. Then I saved the wire to re-use it when the works were framed again. That hurt. Whine whine. Putting in new swivels, my poor thumbs. I have no fingerprints!
This morning I dropped off over 35 pieces to the gallery.
They hang the works themselves at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, and I will be stopping in on Saturday to see how it all came together.
Meanwhile, I have a video to finish up, a pricing list to make out and my SUNY Cobleskill class to teach. Not to mention the full time day job.
Anyone got some time I can borrow???


Sharon Springs DK — The Show Poster

The show hangs on Tuesday. I am crazy in the background framing, planning, finishing. It's a freakin' frenzy and I LOVE IT! Things are coming to the home stretch. I can't wait to see this all hanging on the wall.
Here's the poster I am hanging all over the Mohawk Valley:


Red Roses on White Sulphur

Movie #3 for the upcoming show....
Thank you NIN for your visionary usage of creative commons.
Here's a little nudie show for you on this Thursday in September.


A Book About Death — The Show

This show opens up tomorrow nite in NY City!!! There are over 400 artists that are participating. I won't be there because I am hanging my own solo show in Little Falls, NY this week. My daughter will be attending the opening and collecting my little Book O' Death for me. While you are there, collect the 400 cards to create your own Book About Death. This is such a great concept! And also, it's sort of like an installation.
If you have the chance, this show is a Must See!!!

a project by matthew rose

OPENING: September 10, 7:30 pm - 11 pm
RUNNING: September 10 - 22 2009
The Emily Harvey Foundation
537 Broadway, NYC, NY.

A BOOK ABOUT DEATH involves a global participation of artists who have each sent in 500 postcards (the "pages") in a massive unbound "book" on the subject of death. More than 275 artists including Yoko Ono, Julia Hoffmann, Peter Schuyff, Dame Mailarta, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Julie Sadler and others have contributed works thus far.


Matthew Rose is an artist and writer based in Paris.

___A place to find all kinds of information about collage.