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The copyright thing was hot on Friday. Cecil Touchon posted
this on his blog...
The story of how he was watching TV and noticed a piece just like his in the background set of Gay Straight or Taken...(btw, I saw the same piece in a commercial for this show....Boo Hiss)
I feel that is really lame of them. They are a syndicated show. They have cash. They definitely should have checked in about this....

I wonder who exactly made the piece? Was it on a wall of someone's home randomly? Does G.S.T have any idea that the piece ...was ...kinda...stolen?????

I feel that copyright is definitely something that is huge and it is looming all over us. In music, we have sampling, in writing, we have cut and paste...in art we have collage. I know that Disney and other big ass corporations are busily trying to tie up their pathetic mickey images for the rest of eternity for their cash making misery....however, they are also bending laws and preventing millions of other images from being used. How strange this all is...copyrighting an image...
My wish is that the battle for copyright becomes something quite public--even more public than it is now--and that collage becomes the arena for this battle to occur. Imagine the publicity for our profession...should art become the forum for this public debate. It almost makes me want to create...the ultimate copyright-full collage...and then purposefully flaunt it somewhere that will provoke this legal discussion.
Unfortunately, I think that may land me in bankruptcy court. or worse.
But still, for a chick, i love a good battle.

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