A short hiatus

Hello one and all...collage clearinghouse has been quiet this past couple of weeks. I am sad and miss my many quiet moments at the table, but my own health and preservation has been at the top of my pile in this past month. I have some upcoming bogus female surgery on Dec. 28, right after Christmas. I have been going to tests and shoring up things at home for this moment of downtime. There's a lot to do with Christmas alone, without adding all kinds of household and personal duties that are boring but necessary.
I want to pause for a moment and enjoy the silence before the storm. I have several new ideas percolating, and I am certain that new artwork and exciting things will come in due time. Please forgive me while I take a short hiatus, while I take care of my health...in the meantime, enjoy the wondrous holiday, the wind and blowing snow and the peaceful miracles of winter.


It's hard not to do art

As with anyone, my life has it's ups and downs, it's busy moments, and it's dead moments. I have grown accustomed to this natural cycle and accept it. But I don't have to like it!

I was really in the groove artwise the past month. The show left me feeling exhilarated and excited about exploring new territory. I was able to do around 3 good works a week and life was wonderful. But soon enough, my own life gets in my way. I took a small trip to Philly to visit my father and his new wife. Thanksgiving came and required family dinners and extra activities...I love these moments of rejuvenation and love and they light the fire for those more quiet moments when I am at home in the studio. I wish I had the hours in a day to do not only loving family things, but intense creative things. It just doesn't work that way for me. So here I am, kind of depressed and lost because it's been 2 weeks since I have gotten my hands all gluey and sticky! It's natural, I tell myself. I need that ebb and a flow.
This year, with money tight and most people focusing on the more humble aspects of this upcoming yearend holiday, I am trying to keep things on the downlo. It doesn't seem like a holiday of excess. It seems this year like my mind is focused on simplicity and being humble. So gifts from me are going to be handmade, and I am heavy into the crafts at this time. Instead of collage pieces of fine art, I am making glitterhouses. Instead of assemblage, I am sewing. It feels good to get my hands dirty in another way! I love the challenge. Truly, for me, it's all in the doing...in that moment of creativity...when the thing I am working on "becomes"...THAT is why I am an artist.
So bear with me if art posts seem lean for the moment. I am in a good way, doing humble good deeds for fam and friends. Soon enough, I will pour my soul back onto the awaiting canvas...and into this blog.

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