Joan Miro - 1933 Drawing-Collage

Do read about Miro and his so-called break from serious painting....
"Miro made his Drawing-Collage of August 8, 1933, while he was at his family's farm in Montroig. Onto a piece of green flocked paper measuring 108 X 60.4 centimeters, Miro attached a rectangular section of sandpaper, three postcards, and four printed elements. Drawn conte-crayon lines connect the postcards to each other and to the other cutout illustrations...The most detailed description of this Drawing-Collage, written by William Rubin for a 1973 Museum of Modern Art publication, also argues for the centrality of the postcard in the composition:

The eye-catching collage elements fit neatly into a whimsical
iconography. The postcard of a girl in Spanish headdress provides
the head of a film-struck maiden, young, pretty, and sentimental;
not far down her neck is her Adam's apple, appropriately
illustrated by a collaged apple. Down past her breasts, the
uterine contours of a collaged pear above a vulvalike form suggest
the maiden's sexuality. As both a compositional and metaphoric
counterpoise to the collaged postcard (above her head) of an
embracing couple silhouetted against a star, there is, below her
sex, another postcard of an amorous couple sitting on a moon with
a pendant star (a cutout of a starfish). "
Why was collage at this point considered a vacation from serious work? I resent that attitude. Art is art is art. The medium should not be classified. There is no caste system with creativity.

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