The blog. I let it die. For awhile.

I have gone through so many personal things over the past couple of years, it became difficult to keep up with this blog. I started to explore other mediums and it felt silly to report about that here on a collage clearinghouse!

I started teaching altered books in my collage Design class at SUNY Cobleskill. I wanted to post pictures about all the wonderful work I have seen and explain how I am teaching this idea. The effort required to DO became more than I had bargained for and I had no time to WRITE about it.

With new zeal I tried my hand at acrylic painting. I have had some time to ferment. I do feel it's important to take time out and live. I take these sporadic breaks from my collage practice often, but hardly do they last this long.

I am working through some new ideas, such as collage in 3d. It's all so exciting and fresh and it takes every bit of the energy that I have and it leaves me so little time to tell the story about it. I regret this and it saddens me.

I am in the process of removing myself from things that seem to waste my time and keep me from living and trying to lean back on things that I felt were life-building. I am thinking over this blog and wondering exactly where does it fall within these 2 categories….

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