Mailart by Clint Chadsey

There was a really nice person from the past who sent me a wonderful mailart package that I have neglected to rave about.  I apologize to Clint Chadsey for not gushing about his work earlier, when the excitement of receiving it was fresh, but as I have said....I tend to be a bit manic. Sometimes the timing is just not good in my own personal brain. I can remember when Clint's letter came. I was uber depressed, and I got overwhelmed that someone who doesn't know me would spend time and do something so nice for me. I felt incapable of handling this at that time but it has nagged me ever since that I did not post about this thoughtful event. But I am trying to get back on track with everything, and today is Clint's day.

This is some thought provoking collage work here! I am such a fan of black and white. I can't get enough of it in my day to day life, with b/w striped socks, striped sweatshirts, polka dotted socks, and checkered ear plugs. My first personal art experience was in pen and ink, so a black and white piece feels like home. 
Clint uses black and white like a pro. The work is convincing and most impressive is the idea behind the work. I tend to work for beauty and forget the meaning when I work. It's obvious he has a statement to make and he does it well.
So appropriate for these times we live in.
I don't want to even pretend to know Clint's political affiliation, and I try hard to leave my own personal opinions out of this blog, but the sentiment from Dorothy saying "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" seems so appropriate, given the times we are living in! Today there is a small Occupy group in our town of 2200 that is protesting the local Bank of America. #Occupy comes home.

This face-dog is absurdly sweet
The juxtaposition of the images he uses works so well. These images are from post cards that he sent me. I can't send them out. I keep the precious stuff!
My political mood today is choosing these images. Aren't they great?
He sent quite a few to me, including a few color pieces. 
Bold. Statements. Being. Made. Here.
Thank you so much Clint! These were great pieces to post for the #OWS mood I am in today. More of his work can be found here.... on his site. 

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