Beaver Moon 3d

I had this piece going on for at least a month. It still isn't exactly complete, however it is in a state to be shown. I am moving on to the next moon now, (the long nights moon!) and the details on this piece can be finished later on in spare time (ha. what is that?)

in progress: everything is laid in place. nothing is glued down
I thought it was interesting to see how things change as I work on them. The above photo was taken when I was still defining this piece, prior to my inner fight about putting figures in. I fought with myself the whole month over whether or not to include a person. Somewhere inside I wanted to emulate the flat version I did, and I searched for a figure to put in the center. In the end, I went with 2 ladies in white, who seem to be emerging from the background.

almost finished piece
The part you see is almost done. I intend to extend the picture out onto the sides of this dresser drawer. I am working with different methods of drawing the viewer in. This piece gets no gimmicky LED lights!!

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