I know I can mimic. But can I create?

My original idea here was to share things about collage Only. A clearinghouse of ideas for collage artists. A clearinghouse of various artists and what I feel about their work.  But I get inspiration from everywhere. This blog began to feel so sterile I ran away. I am such a varied individual and I get psyched about a lot of things..not just art. Sometimes these things affect what I am doing so greatly and I feel lame about not sharing the connections here on this blog. It's half ass.

The problem with this clearinghouse idea is that I am such a sponge!  I soak up all these great ideas people have and they taint my own chemistry. They bring in thoughts that are like little mini chemicals and they affect where I was heading and I end up with a different end product. Left alone, I find I go to a deeper and more creative place. I know I can mimic. But can I create?

I have boxed myself in so damn far that I have not allowed myself to Live and Breathe some new creative stuff. I have wanted to some silk screen prints and add this flavor to my work for a long time. But I think about a GOOD printer and how it takes time and experience to really become good....My mind does a rip tide and begins to think about how all this fooling around and experimentation takes time away from my art, which is collage. And it all deters me from that creative joy and exploration I love so much. I am a Viking! I want to go on an adventure, even in my fantasy art world.

I broke the box this month. I set up a studio on the 3rd floor of our Antique store and I have claimed the 20x20x20 space as my own. I named it TowerFifty5, a mixture of the fact that it's in a tower and on 55 Willett St.! It's my new print studio. I moved in all my book binding equipment and papers and Chris made me a wall shelf unit. I am ready for action. So what if I am going off on a side track for awhile. So what? I hope it can enhance my art, not detract from it. AND most importantly, My Self gets the experience of doing.

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