The End is Near - The Pictures

Some shots from the opening:

Fascinating work by Sylvia Netcheva. She used handmade paper as her substrate. Upon close examination there were elements embedded in the work. I liked this idea very much. Her pieces were sculptural and very expressive.
Sylvia Netcheva (Bulgaria)

This closeup shows some of the intense detailing 
on these pieces.

glass embedded in the work

Kevin's heavy gloss work was amazing in it's thick textured surface. I liked the abstract look, the various interesting papers he chose, and the small intensity of these works. I wanted to talk to Kevin more, but the busy show prevailed!
Kevin Gilmore (Rhode Island US)

I liked the work of Pierre. The diagonal words on the top right piece placed at that angle really worked. The colors he chose were rich and full. I liked the way this work was on canvas...and required no mat or frame. I didn't photograph it, but the images rolled around the edges.
Pierre Jean Varet (France)

The crowd congregates at the opening

Really detailed stitching and very meticulous placement was required for this work by Deborah Snider. She had some really beautiful works and they crossed the lines from collage to quilting.
Deborah Snider (UT)

As is usual for Steven, his meticulous work showed attention to detail. I found his work and the work of Frank Viola quite similar. You can tell these 2 have a similar philosophical approach to the work.
Steven Specht (NY-US)
Frank Viola

These are meticulous and colorful pieces by Frank Viola. During the panel discussion, I could feel how deep Frank goes into his mind as he places his ephemera. 
Frank Viola (NY)

My stuff. Hanging on the wall. Like a little village. 4 of these works were 3d, sticking out like the real building they represent.
Julie Takacs (NY)

Aprile had a very interesting display. These pieces all in matching frames with their similar tones were quite striking. I liked the way they all looked like a dissected book on display! These were works with a nautical theme. 
Aprile Elcich (Toronto)

A lively crowd

I had my camera in my hands during the panel discussion. Here's a shot of 3 collage artists deep in thought as they try to describe the creative process they go through.
Aprile, Kevin Gilmore, Jonathan, and Frank's hands during the panel discussion

This series of works by Jonathan Talbot was a striking presentation. These pieces drew you in, you wanted to get up closer and see what these people were doing. The sepia toned background provided a good foil for the tints in the photos.
Jonathan Talbot (NY)

Dale's intriguing work also lended a vintage aspect to the show. These fragile pieces made it all the way from New Zealand to the states and survived intact. The umbrella particularly spoke to me, in it's very decayed state it reminded me of lace.
Dale Copeland (New Zealand)

The show still hangs in the gallery....if you want to see it yourself! This show ends on April 30th. 
More info here


Monkeybrain said...

Great "coverage"! Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really great show!

kevin gilmore said...

Stumbled upon this (googling myself...ha!) - nice writing - I wish we could have talked more as well! Great blog post, and I appreciate the kind words.

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