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DJ Danger Mouse

Good Copy Bad Copy is a documentary about copyright that was created in Europe. It has a great handle on the whole copyright concept, and is a really good film to watch if you are wondering about the future of our copyright business model here in the US.
I got news this morning from the mailing list at detritus.net that the flick Good Copy Bad Copy was posted in full feature online. I took time out and watched the whole thing. What a great movie! What a great explanation of how I feel about culling pieces of culture and making new culture!!!
This movie has several case studies that go into depth about copyright. There is DJ dangermouse...and his phenom with the Grey Album....there is Pirate's Bay and their Swedish p2p biz pissing off Swedes by bending to US law...

Lawrence Lessig
There are all these various ways that creative folks have used "sampling" in order to provide fresh and new sounds for everyone. I was sad not to see an artist in this flick, because the relationship between what the music industry is going thru and what collage (and other) artists are going thru is strikingly similar. What I do when I take pieces of paper from here and there and combine them is fundamentally the same as what a musician does when sampling different riffs and recombining them into new pieces.

If you have any interest in the future of our culture...If you are an artist who appropriates and who is working sometimes in fear...If you are a citizen who is forward thinking about our personal rights...this is a movie you must watch! And besides, it's online and showing for free. Do yourself a favor and learn something.

Pirate Gorbuska


Mick said...

A fascinating short film. My favorite part was Lessig speaking about his writing and the fact that his books are used by students and others in a way that is often considered infringement; but, says he would never consider making a case since his hope is to see his work go further creatively as the ultimate goal. It's also quite fascinating to watch the elite continue in their attempt at a stranglehold on control while the film shows that they've already lost it. Too, the real piracy, as the record industry discovered in the 1980's - with the advent of CD's and electronic technology capable of mass copying with good quality - is still the BIG problem in places like South America, Asia and Europe. Getting back to Lessig, figuring out a fair way to protect intellectual property while allowing for creative transformations is going to be a key as this electronic age continues to put use and control into the hands of the masses rather than the elite.

Comblo said...

You can watch this for free online at http://UserSet.com theres a lot of sites that have you fill out a survey like this one does but this is the only one out there that I've seen that actually offers anything.

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