A peak at the New Stuff

For these 2 pieces I was looking for a New Look. I wanted something entirely different than what I normally do. The rules I set up for myself were...photos and paints, inks only. No ephemera.
On this first one I did follow my own rules, but I included pen and ink trees, and that's sort of cheating. A lot of my pieces have trees--probably too many pieces have trees!...so I didn't entirely break out of the box. I sort of like this one tho.

I decided to post these 2 pieces that are driving me crazy. This first one actually is complete at this point...I apologize for the lousy pic, I used the camera instead of scanning, and the middle column has light reflection issues. These were done on Yupo, and handling the pen, ink and acrylic was a bit more challenging than usual. My own commentary would be that the deer and owl are a bit lame...I could blame it on the paper, but instead I will fault my own skills at painting, drawing...(And, just to note it, I wanted a fox in there too. Not sure I am wanting to put him in there tho.) There's a huge reason behind the deer leaping out of the architecture. You see, one day I was there at the empty bath houses in Sharon Springs to paint. I sat there for 3 hours or so painting on a cold day in April. After I was done, I got up and walked around the inside of the decaying building. Way in the back, laying and stinking on the ground was a dead deer carcass. This scared the crap out of me! I stayed away for 3 months (mostly waiting for it to decay the rest of the way). This pic was an attempt to infuse my work with meaning. Unfortunately, only I know the deer story, and well, now you do too!

This second yellow one, the photo really sux, sorry...The bottom is more saturated with yellow than this photo shows. This one REALLY has me stuck! I have not done much to it, it's at the "I hate this piece" stage. I want to add pen and ink to the bottom portions...but I wonder if it's worth my time. I have tried tipping this one upside down, and sideways too...and no matter what it bugs me. It may just be a trash experiment, but I feel as tho I let myself down on it a) by not finishing it, and b) for not liking it! Not only that, I didn't follow the rules about ephemera. However, I did no trees on this one, just plant leaves!
I don't know what to think of these. I just need to keep on trying new things, eventually it may start to feel "right".


Anonymous said...

The deer work is the best, because it arises out of an emotional reaction to the grotesque in nature. The work juxtaposes more than simple graphic elements - it juxtaposes enlightenment civilised perspective architecture and "the wild" in a free arcing movement. This would be a very potent theme to explore, if one is aiming ultimately for serious gallery walls. I would loose the owl, though - too cliched. I might have the deer be slightly maimed somehow - but not obviously so at first glance, thus setting up an implicit narrative link between the building (symbolising civilisation) and the animal.

julie said...

thank you for your worthy comments. I really do appreciate serious criticism.
I agree about the owl.

Anonymous said...

First off thanks for sharing- I was curious what the scale of these is? I agree about the Owl- I think it is not an issue to use certain imagery a lot- I have certain things that show up a lot in my work- these are your personal vocabulary- or icons- symbols. I understand the need to break out but I don't feel one needs to let go of important images for the sake of moving on- things used in new ways can be a powerful change- also the other person's comment-what different things can one read from a work-The other piece is interesting and I find the shapes and color appealing but feel there is not a focal point. You have inspired me to move on in my work.

julie said...

That's 2 down on the owl!
Woo Hoo!
I am going to re-work this deer piece, since I am still obsessing over it. The only issue is that this was done with photos from my holga camera, with triple exposures. I have to go back to Jet Photo and get another set of prints to repeat it. That is part of my own internal stress on these works that use photos, I am kinda cheap and don't want to spend cash for new prints... I think I like the additional pressure. It makes me think before I act.

julie said...

Oh, sorry, final size on that deer piece is 11 x 14.

Anonymous said...

Julie, have you seen this post? I know it's a fave topic of yours...
(sorry that I am off-topic here...)


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