12 Tales of the Forest Book 1—Free Download

12 Tales of the Forest Book 1—JULIE SADLER

Have you ever wanted to inexpensively reproduce a small group of your art and do it creatively at the same time? The One Page Book is the answer!
There is an intriguing folding format that allows you to create your own little book with big impact. The one-page-book utilizes only one side of the paper, keeping your printing costs down. With it's 8 tiny pages, the one-page-book could be the perfect vehicle for expressing yourself. The folding isn't that difficult to describe, and the result is a great book ready to move your message into the hands of those you chose.
A few years ago, I saw this format in The Gleaner, a great little zine that is spearheaded by Sherylynne. Immediately I recognized it's potential for a cheap little book product. Printing can get expensive and this little book only requires printing on one side. I did a series called The Fig., which were 8 little books based on architectural figure drawings and sold them on magikglasses. They are silly little books but I loved the easy and creative folding format, and who can resist opening up a tiny book? There are a precious few left. If you are interested in obtaining a copy email me about it.
A couple of weeks ago, Lalande Digital Press started promoting the one-page-book and they posted some fabulous examples. Matthew Rose created IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR, the first in his series from Falling Boy Books.


Musicmaster & John Bennett created JOW. And the latest example was done by Fred Griot, a poet and artist living in France.


They have got a great idea over there at Lalande, promoting the one-page-book as a marketing tool to be distributed as needed for your share-your-art-needs! I like the idea!
I have been working on a new series of my own. It is called 12 Tales of the Forest. It is 12 mini tales that are based on the woods and forest creatures. Each month I will make one of these books available for download. You can print these out at home and create your own set of 12 one page books. Book Number 1, Winter Velvet Snow Storm is available for download this month. This is a 2 page pdf, with full color artwork on page 1, and the complete folding directions on page 2.
Download Book 1 —Winter Velvet Snow Storm Here


Craig said...

Funny timing. I just made one of these last night after reading the first chapter of Esther K. Smith's How to Make Books.


She calls them Instant Books. Like you suggested, I plan to use them as a promotional device.

Anonymous said...

Julie- I love this format and am so excited you are doing this- I teach is book model to students I have in elementary art methods-they will be elementary teachers and I encourage bookmaking with students. I didn't know there was more than one fig book- I have one that was included with a zine you were a part of and cherish it and show it to my other art students. Thank you-

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