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The Art Gallery of Knoxville has a really cool site up that challenges the way we think about copyright and cultural property. The site is kinda insane with a flash interface with floating layers of text, information and imagery. Check out the block of text about Marcel Duchamp on the home page. It's excellent. I am still exploring the vast amount of stuff on this site or I could write more about it. I recommend you check it out for yourself.
Some teasers:
"The Art Gallery of Knoxville is dedicated to new and emerging Art. It is an open space to cultivate ideas of Art and social engagement."
"COPYSHOP is a place where you can copy everything. In COPYSHOP you will find products that challenge intellectual property. They can be modified originals, improved copies, political anti-brands. -or a SUPERCOPY as new as the original."
"COPYSHOP is a franchise model for likeminded shops all over the world.
We are interested in working with groups and spaces to develop products for COPYSHOP, host mobile versions of COPYSHOP, and create franchise opportunities for the installation of COPYSHOP in other communities."
If you live in Knoxville, there is "Pirate Cinema Knoxville" showing every Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. The Grand Opening is tomorrow night!
The Art Gallery of Knoxville • 317 N. Gay St., Knoxville, TN 27917

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