Creative Life in Progress

Russell Smith is a collage artist living out in Seattle. He has a blog called CreativeLifeInProgress...where he posts a vast variety of collage art. I am intrigued by his work. There appears to me to be 2 separate developing styles in his pieces. I found many involved pieces which contained a lot of texture, some monochrome, but not all. There is a lot of line and movement and I really liked some of these monochrome pieces a lot.

Leaning Toward The Lemon Light • Green Galaxy Pop Dimension

Woman in Mid-Century Modern Room, with foliage on the ceiling.
I also found these more illustrative collages on his blog. These are great! The title I really liked and the fact that there was foliage on the ceiling was somehow normal and satisfying to me! I thought of Hannah Hoch...and I don't know, but the retro furniture gave me a strangely comforting feeling. Nice piece.
He posts often and there's more to see here.


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___A place to find all kinds of information about collage.