Landscape Containment Unit

Landscape Containment Unit
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This is an example of something new I am working on. This piece isn't quite complete, however enough is there to get the idea.
Certainly it's a departure from my usual fill the paper mode.....leaving white showing in a more graphic type of image.
I wonder, can you still tell it's done by me?? Does my style show through, no matter what style I use?


tgarrett said...

I really like this piece- the white negative space really adds a different feel yet- it's still reflective of your style. Sometimes as the old saying goes less really is more. I think of Hanna Hoch (I know that's spelled wrong) when it comes to lots of negative space. The opposite would be Romare Bierden's work from the 60's- Thanks for sharing your new work with us.

julie said...

I really like Hannah Hoch. Everytime I see a face that is out of proportion, I end up thinking of her. She was a special breed, wasn't she?

amy ross said...

I like this piece a lot. (Of course, I am partial to lots of white space!) The restraint in this piece gives it a good kind of tension. I think it is very strong and would be curious to see where you go with this type of collage... (and, I just discovered your flickr stream!)

julie said...

I was so excited when I saw you on flickr.
I really mean this, I had nature morph dreams last night!!!

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