Lady DK

Lady DK
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My art studio is divided at this point. There are these 2 really different and graphic works that I am trying to work with...the new stuff, the ones where I go away from my comfort zone. Those are rattling me and I am not quite done with either of them. It has been causing me a mild bit of anxiety, those So-New pieces. I just want to do art because I want to and let it come out, whatever it may be. I decided to let myself do a few kinds of works side by side. I allowed myself to enter the comfort zone and do what I wanted to for today. This piece built itself. Maybe now I can get back to completing those other 2 challenging pieces!!

How is this piece appropriate for my day? Does it have any kind of feeling that anyone else can recognize? Outside the trees look very much like those in the photo, very spidery and skeletal. Their is a swirling to them...the girl, well that's probably me looking out the window staring at it all. I heard an owl the other day and so did my friend. Seemed like the totem to place on my shoulder. Why is she Lady DK, well that's because I used pieces from a really shabby agricultural bulletin from 1898! It was all about pests, with great pics of caterpillars and decaying plants. That's me, always fascinated with the Decay, the DK...She's sort of regal looking, and I am feeling above it all today, above the stress of life, work and self-imposed art restrictions and obligations.

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