Mister Rose's ABC- A Must Have

I have written about Matthew Rose in previous posts and I am a serious fan of his work. He is a collagist living in France, and his work is sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always quality. I was lucky enough to meet him last summer at his show at Gallery-In-The-Field in Vermont. He's a busy and inspiring guy, both a writer and an artist, and his latest project is a sweet combination of both talents, an ABC book. His book was printed by Lalande Digital Art Press in Paris, and is of the quality one would expect from the collaboration of a printer and artist interested in personal presentation of artwork. Matthew Rose is a master with gouache and he creates the most gorgeous crackling effects--I really love this about his artwork. I am impressed that Mister Rose's ABC book shows the surface of the artwork with such detail.

Peppered with Mr. Roses' dazzling stylish images and poetic words that are as colorful as the pages, this book is a treasure for young and old. I was more than amused at the wording he chose for some of the letters, "V is for Vicky, a vivacious Volcano, sometimes she's vapid, but she's always vacationing. Vicky's my Valentine!" hilarious!
I ordered my books from Matthew, and promptly was rewarded with some good laughs. You can get a copy by emailing Mr. Rose here..But I suggest you don't wait! They are selling like hotcakes!!

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