ARTpjm is a French site that has a wealth of collage information. A lot of the pages are translated and an English version is provided. The gallery has lots of collage work, too. But the most fascinating thing about this site was the seriously technical descriptions that were provided about the topic of adhesion. Techniques are varied, and materials are even more varied. The Artpjm site had some discussion regarding the physical principles behind the act of creating a sticking bond. I was really amazed at the technicality of these pages, altho I will need to meditate on it to see how it can help me in my work. Visiting the Art pjm site will be worth your while.
I have hesitated to talk much about materials on this blog, but after I received an email from Laura noting her interest in the topic, and the comment on yesterdays post leading to a wealth of information on materials, I decided it was time to look into the ways and means of collage work. Sharing of expertise in this area may be a big help to all collage artists.
Personally, I use a lot of strange things and not all of them like to be attached to each other!!! How about a potato chip bag? It's composed of a foil-like substance and it's designed to keep air and germs away from your chips. It is not porous in any sense, and yet I am wanting to use it's reflective qualities on my piece. At this point I have to go into the glue decision mode and decide how it's going to stick. I'll make a choice, and if that doesn't work, I go ahead and attempt something else. That's part of the challenge!

The Waiting
Mixed Media Collage
12.5 x 19 on Yupo Acrylic, sheet music, wallpaper, childrens stickers, vintage sewing kit, dill potato chip bag, Korean dried seaweed bag, vintage handwritten letters, vintage photo, magazine clips

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