Exene Cervenka - She's a Collage Artist too?

Grace • 2007 • mixed media on canvas panel • 12 x 9" UF; 15 1/2 x 12 3/4" F

Excene Cervenka...perhaps you know her from her musical career with the band X. I found her work today on the DCKT website. She does beautiful collage....colorful, works using later period ephemera. There are the expected hidden message in her work. I really was liking the piece "Princess Die". Great play on words for a title. I also liked the title for "Grace". Looking at the subject matter in the piece, it's really a superb statement.

Princess Die • 2006 • mixed media collage • 24 x 20"

She has a hardcover book called
Magical Meteorite Songwriting Device filled with more of her rich imagery. I also found a book called America the Beautiful, which is loaed with poetry and her collage work. I am intrigued. There is more info on her own site, and some beautiful scans of her collage work on DCKT.


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Fed Up said...

Give me a break! Exene, a collage artist. Her stuff looks like all the other dilletantes on Google Image Search under "collage"and their poor work.
Why is it that somehow collage got the reputation that anyone can do it overnight?
You only have to take a look at Louise Nevelson or Cecil Touchon to see how bad Ninety five percent of the work is on the net.

Fed Up

julie said...

Color, theme, design, materials>>there are so many reasons I am attracted to different works. You are entitled to your opinion and I can feel your exasperation. I also get depressed at the quality of work (even mine at times!) on the net. It can be tiresome.
As far as collage and it's reputation, I believe some of collage's "easy" stigma comes from the scrapbooking industry. There's so much commercialism regarding the materials. There are classes, retreats, workbooks, inspirational books! It is endless.
I don't pretend to be a critic. Judging art is already a subjective thing. I won't dare enter that arena. Here on the blogosphere, I try not to judge, but rather to examine. In this manner, I continue to gain insight.

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