Thomas Schostok's Gluebooks

Thomas Schostok....a few years ago we featured him in our little zine Art Erratica. He was generous enough to share hi-res scans of his work across the seas from German to our little production. He does really loose collage and gluebooks. Gluebooks. We don't generally call our books gluebooks over here in the states...at least I don't. It is an interesting and descriptive term tho.
He did these books a few years ago. I am not certain what he is up to at this point, altho from the looks of his site, he has a bit in print these days. His site is definitely worth a look. And follow the links to his Gluebooks for a really radical viewpoint.


silver said...

Sure we call them "gluebooks" in the States, too. They're not sketchbooks, not notebooks, not photo albums. Follow my link to view my "What is a Gluebook?" article and notice the first example link is to Thomas's exceptional pieces. Real happy to see his fascinating gluework/play highlighted here!

One mistaken angle I take in my article is the assumptions that "one session = one gluebook page." While that is the method I used in my initial gluebooking, I've since switched to working on an entire book at once, so "one session = further additions to the gluebook" as a whole. It's really rather exciting and freeing, and I'd guess that's more like the method Thomas takes.

Mick said...

Thanks for jogging my memory as regards Schostok's excellent work. I also got value added with silver's excellent article - well defined, well thought and very well written.

julie said...

Yes silver, thanx for the link to that treasure trove you have going on over there. I always dig finding new sources of collage info!!

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