Provisional Beauty: New Work by Lance Letscher

GG, 2004
Collage on Board
6 5/8 X 5 1/4 inches

Amusing Story, 2004
Collage on Board
35 3/4 X 27 3/4 inches

I heard from my friend Amy Eckler today and she tipped me off to the very linear work of Lance Letscher. Some of his pieces remind me of quilts...as tho papers and covers were reworked into a large patchwork. There were others that had a geometric style reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass windows.
My favorite is this last one, because of it's utter intensity. It is a large work. In person it must be quite impressive.

Surprise Ending , 2004
Collage on Masonite
48 1/8 X 30 7/8 inches
You can find more pics on the dBerman Gallery website. I also found some nice shots over at artnet.


Neda said...

What a great find! Thank you from bringing his art to our world.

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wow, I love your collection of collages, is one of my favorite techniques to create art.

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