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I hate to admit it, but if you intend to make money as an artist, you are faced with dealing with "the rest of the world". This means hunkering down and looking at yourself from a distance, applying some reality and honesty, and then adapting your strategies to try to meet some goals. Looking at myself and how I am approaching different aspects of selling my artwork is probably the most difficult of task I face. It is never easy to look at oneself objectively. There is the risk that I will have to beat myself down and get into that "guilt" mode, which isn't productive in any way. I tend to get really downer about myself and insecurities don't help me sell art, and in fact in the end insecurities will make me not even want to create the art!
I realize that I am REALLY poor at the marketing thing and sometimes I feel as tho Iam saboutaging myself in order to not succeed!! I have been reading a lot online lately and there is such a wealth of info out there for anyone who has the time to read it. I dread taking even more of my most precious private time to read boring marketing jargon, especially when I could be elbows deep in torn papers, paints and glues. I mean, c'mon! There is no match between paperwork and creativity.
Living a rather sheltered existence in upstate NY, I have to take time out to avail myself of new opportunities and new ideas. I have to go the EXTRA mile to promote myself and bring my art to others. Having 1000 collages sitting on a dusty shelf in my studio is not satisfying to anyone.
Today I came across a free downloadable e-book by David Parrish called T Shirts and Suits — A Guide to the Business of Creativity. I will admit I have not read it through yet, but I have glanced thru a few of the pages and it seems as tho there is some content of merit here. I plan to read it thru and try to glean any inspiration and ideas I can to help beef up my marketing skills.

—About the book, from the website...
"Successful creative enterprises integrate creativity and business. T-Shirts and Suits offers an approach which brings together both creative passion and business best practice.
Written in an engaging and jargon-free style, the book offers inspiration and appropriate advice for all those involved in running or setting up a creative business.
Marketing, intellectual property, finance, competition, leadership - and more - are included in this guide.
Examples of best practice are illustrated in eleven 'Ideas in Action' sections featuring a range of creative businesses and organisations."

David Parrish also hosts a blog where one can find new ideas, information and examples for creative people who want to make their businesses and organisations even more successful.
The eBook is made available for free distribution under a Creative Commons licence. THANK YOU David, wherever you are, for providing the free ebook! I appreciate that!

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