SoulCollage—A meaningful Deck of cards

excerpt from book "SoulCollage"
Lois Parks DeCastro does something called SoulCollage. She fascilitates workshops based on the book "SoulCollage' by Seena B. Frost. (available on Amazon.)
Using a 3 step process: 1) collect images 2) create collage 3) interpretation of collage, one goes thru a series of self understanding and discovery.
I have read bits and snippets about collage art being used as a technique in psychotherapy. I can understand this, since images provide links to thought and idea in a different way than words do.
"The author describes a college process leading up to the creation of a personal deck of cards consisting of four categories:
--Committee (aspects of the self, such as Inner Critic, Good Little Girl, Drama Queen, you name it
--Community (persons of significance in the life of the persons making the card, whether personal friends or persons of inspiration from history)
--Companion (totemic figures representing chakra forces); and
--Council (archetypical figures such as Death, the Warrior, and other larger forces in one's life).

The process of collecting images to assemble the cards, and working with the cards after making with them in a divinatory or reflective way, provides a way to access one's own inner wisdom while bypassing the verbal part of one's mind. Because the cards are assembled from images that have personal resonance, the deck can have an impact that no purchased tarot cards ever could."
—quote from Amazon reviews.
It reminds me of tarot, but I am not certain if the cards are used in a similar way since I haven't read the book.
"SoulCollage® Cards are for personal use only. They are not intended to be sold, traded or bartered."
Interesting. This is the direct opposite of ATC, (artist trading cards) which were purposefully created for trading, sharing and bartering. OR--ACEO (Art Cards, editions and originals) which are created for the purpose of selling.

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