Laura Levine * April Gertler * in CANDY

I was perusing the latest issue of CANDY, and found a couple of gems within. First there is Laura Levine, who does these crazy collages with stamp backgrounds that I was getting into...

Then there was April Gertler. I adore her deer. And her comment.

Image excerpt from "CANDY"

"You consider yourself an artist as opposed to
photographer, or maybe painter, collages seem
to form a big part or influence in your work?
It is always so important that we are labeled,
and quite honestly I find it a bit hopeless these
days. I, like many other artists, am interested in
many things, and I find it to be too limiting to
say that I am a photographer. I think the word
"artist" is just a bit more open ended.
But in terms of collage, well I started out
making collage and doing books. It was out of
necessity as I didn't have money to buy film or
paper when I was in art college, even though I
was technically in the Photo Department. So I
just made do with what I could find. Collage
has continued to play a very important
element in my work. If I am not making collage
directly then my photography work is
definitely informed by my ideas of the
juxtaposition of images. I also think that what
we see everyday is a collage. Layers upon
layers of things plastered on top of one
another... it seems so obvious."

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