Non-Face vs. Face

In looking at Clifford Faust's collage work online, I was immediately forced to notice some obvious differences between his work and mine, but particularly in his treatment of human figures.
In Faust's work, there is a lack of facial features. His figures are silhouettes...and thereby the faces are detailed outlines only, and the features themselves are missing. This immediately detaches me from the expressions that might be on faces, and i am forced to look at the context of the character in order to take a reading on emotion. Most of his works don't include a crisis...so peering into a face isn't exactly a must in order to read into his work. I end up having this kind of floaty attitude about his pieces, since I don't have to look at the face...and I am able to detach a bit from it.
With my work, I end up searching endlessly for faces. (and I always pick these vintage babes with wistful looks. I bet Freud would have something to say about that!!) I know that it is one of the parts of my work that I fret over often. A lot is told in the facial expression...and I suppose even when it is lacking, that also send a message.

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