Johnson's Petit Musee


Happened upon the Petit Musee online today.
"My work is anything but what I would call clean. Like me, it is subject to time. I like to look at work I've done twenty years ago and see the changes time has brought. Time has always been a preoccupation in my art. I include in my assemblages fossils, metals older than the solar system, strange symbols time has lost, and things of a recent past.
The artifacts made by humans are a puzzle. I have a great deal of trouble with the word natural. To me all that is created in the Universe is natural. I have no trouble with that, it's the "Why of it" that is the problem. I think of these things and do boxes, that to me represent a microscopic image of mind.
In the end it's all a throw away. Some day the Sun will Nova and all the artifacts will be gone. The remembrance of the history human or roach, equal to zero. A Universe now with no color, sound or shape, just being. Maybe ideas too, I have trouble with that, I can't fit them into the fundamental forces or find them in the electromagnetic spectrum. Conclusion: I don't know too much and like a child I still wonder and play...... "
More can be found here.

The Altar of Alter


Mick said...

I very much enjoyed reading Johnson's words. I can commiserate with some of it and agree with more. At the same time, as an artist heavily influenced by, if not a product of, 20th Century Pop Culture, all of it seems to sit more than comfortably for me between these two quotes: "What's it all about, Alfie?" and "What, me worry?". :)

julie said...

I found his commentary deep and almost mysterious...I like the fact that this is an older man with some wisdom infused into his work.

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