Waiting for Icarus & Exit

Found a great blog today. Took a look at the work of Filipa from Portugal....this work is painterly but surreal. I just want to feel the texture of these works and rub my fingers on the paint. I can remember seeing Matthew Rose's work up close> I was oblivious to the fact that the entire surface of the paint was crackled and textured. I have a feeling that seeing these works up close would fascinate me. The faces he creates are very expressive. Hannah Hoch's work always seemed so morbid underneath. I don't get that dark feeling from Filipa's work, yet there is something there reminding me of Hoch. Maybe the large faces, the large eyes?

Rapunzel & Venus & Just Waiting & and waiting

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Nicole said...

I don't see that. The flower is actually threatening, it reminds of a carnivorous plant.

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