John Evans

"The neo-Dadaist and East Village mail artist John Evans made a collage a day from 1964 to 2000, mostly using things he found on the street that day."
—quote from ARTNET

"In a tiny side room in a small, neat apartment on East Third Street near Avenue B, the artist John Evans stores the fruits of 37 years of quiet, obsessive labor. Every day from 1964 through 2000, Mr. Evans collected flotsam and jetsam that caught his eye on the streets of the East Village. He picked up playing cards, business cards, ticket stubs, cigarette packs, fortune cookie fortunes, leaflets advertising rock bands and escort services, and labels for products like Cry Baby Table Grapes and Fitrite ("the Underwear of Modesty"). He also gathered political fliers, scraps of newspapers and magazines, ripped-up snapshots, matchbooks, foreign coins and bills, postcards, an angry note to an incense-burning neighbor, shreds of fabric and wrapping paper.

And every day, Mr. Evans would sit down with an inexpensive notebook, turn to a blank page and paste some of this discarded ephemera against a painted background, creating a collage. Then he rubber-stamped the day's date on it. "
—quote from NYTIMES

Quantuck Lane Press has published a large book of his works. Information about purchasing can be found here.

I really like the freshness of his work, the variety, the mere vastness!! Something happens to collage when one does hundreds of them, they become almost magical.


Neda said...

when will you post YOUR OWN collages???

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Ruud Janssen said...

Sad news today from Guy Bleus. John Evans died this morning on Ocober 5th 2012.... He will be missed by the network he was so close with.......
Ruud Janssen

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