Anne Polashenski

Chiyogami Faux Pas Obliteration, 2006, 9 1/8 x 7 1/8 x 1 3/4 inches, C-print, Chiyogami patterned paper, museum board, gouache.

From Her Site:
::"My current work incorporates textile patterns and photographs of figures in patterned garb. The patterns act as camouflage that hides and protects the figures. The patterned worlds that I am creating have a vulnerable aspect, in that, if the figure shifted out of position, one pattern could overlap onto another and the figure would be revealed and left exposed. Therefore the body is locked into place in order to ‘survive’. The idea of pattern leaving your clothing and obliterating your environment is quirky and humorous, but it is also self-critical and psychologically charged, dealing with issues about control, power, entrapment and escape."::

This is ultra patterned art...and I just adore patterns that overlap each other and send your eyes colliding with each other to see what is happening....This work is extremely enticing with it's 3-d construction. I am enamored!


Rion said...

How wonderful. Wonderful! I think on how far afield the recent scrapbooking craze is from its roots of journaling, collaging, and photography and I shudder.

julie said...

I think about this often. I am really into promoting collage as an art form, versus a hobby....

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