Sugar on Snow —Jenny Eng's New Book

Just in time for the winter season, I find this altered book that Jenny Eng has made on SCENE 360. There is something to be said about the title of a book. When it comes to altering books and re-purposing works for your own expression, certainly the title has a lot of meaning and often is the deciding factor on using a certain book. I have often picked up books at flea markets and garage sales just because they had a cool title. I haven't read all them, but I like to hold onto them in case a future day may come and I am ready for a new story to read or alter. There's one in particular, Gwendolyn...I just liked the girls name...I hold onto that book with it's green and gold embossed cover waiting for that right moment until I feel like transforming it.
Jenny Eng has used the book Sugar on Snow to help express feelings and scenes from her own life. Using sewing patterns and recipes as cues for her own secret language, she is able to re-write the story that exists and infuse it with her own reality. The book Sugar on Snow, is an exploration in negative space. This also is a metaphor for the losses she has faced in her past.

Collage wise, I have a fetish for sewing patterns, the lines, the arrows, the dots...the geometry of them is intriguing. If you use Golden Matte Medium with it, you can get it to transform glaring white paper into subtle paper bag like textures. Jenny extensively uses it in Sugar on Snow, creating a nice neutral color for her exploration of subtraction and abstraction. The full article is on Scene360. There's also more stuff of hers here.

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