Decorative Collage

Green Tea
ink, acrylic, and collage on paper / 21 x 29 cm / 8.25" x 11.5"

I saw a link on Scene 360 about the artwork of Stephanie Levy. Of course, since the blurb on 360 mentioned collage, I had to go to her site and take a closer look.
Stephanie, an artist trained and raised in the United States, is currently living in Munich Germany. She does collage work using origami papers and gold leaf (I recognized some of her papers as some of the very same that I have), and she gathers interiors from various decorating magazines. Her line drawings are endearing. Her work reminds me of an illustration one might receive from a designer working on decorating your home... swatches of colors and patterns alternating with sparse interior layouts... These are refreshing works. I like the fact that she uses nothing vintage. Makes for some modern looking work! Her site includes several colorful collages worth looking into.


Mick said...

I, too, find the disciplined dialog of blogging to be a wonderful thing. Just as sketching or drawing is one way to work through visual problems, so is blogging one way to deal with our own work in relation to the myriad visual influences that bombard us daily. I see the time off as a way to process just that sort of overload ... in any case, Julie, welcome back.

julie said...

I never was into diaries as a kid. I had one for awhile, and my mom found it and was horrified to find out that one day I wrote that I hated her! Of course, that was a brat writing on paper, but I think my Mom thought I was serious. Since then, there was always that negative connotation associated with pouring out my soul on paper!
But the blog, it's not as personal (at least not this one) and a little easier to approach.
It is truly good discipline!

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