A great show if you live in Italy

Collage/Collages, from Cubism to the New Dada

The Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Turin (GAM) has opened its doors on a brand-new exhibit, entitled Collage/Collages dal Cubismo al New Dada (Collage/Collages from Cubism to the New Dada.
Pieces include works by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris,Gino Severini,Ardengo Soffici,Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, George Grosz, Otto Dix and Kurt Schwitters.

Other names include: Arp, Hans and Sophie, Alberto Magnelli, Prevert, Penrose, Hugnet, Eileen Agar, Miro’, Ernst, Henri Matisse, Appel, Jorn, Vedova, Motherwell , Kline, Villegle’, Hains, Rotella, Burri, Dubuffet, Capogrossi, Turcato, Tancredi, Baj and Scarpitta.

That sounds like a fine collage buffet. Yummy.

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