3/4" deep in collage

Discovered a new pocket of collage artists today. I was rambling around and came across several new (to me) artists. It amazes me that no matter how deep I search, or how crazy and inventive I make a google search, there are STILL MORE collage artists out there communicating their personal message. They seem to come in pockets...in batches. You find one interesting person and sure enough, right behind them is their network. That little blogroll on the side of most peoples' blogs is a handly little thang. I don't take advantage of my blog list like I should, I profess!
Today it was the strange search a la etsy. I was doing some research about christmas cards on the web, and I discovered Katie Gutierrez, of California. She has done some deep collage work, and by deep I mean depth, like 3/4" deep. She has incorporated plastic figurines into her recent pieces which has created a special depth. I like the idea...sort of like a collage/assemblage morph. She is a beeswax user. (!!! that sounds funny!)
She has some pieces that were just chosen to be included in a one night only (December 21st) party/show at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Please visit Art Now San Francisco for more details.

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