Mixed Media Collage Artists

Thru the recent discovery of Katie Gutierrez, I also made the discovery of MMCA, or "Mixed Media Collage Artists". The brainchild of Debbie Overton, (whom I also discovered today) this site is a group of collage artists at varying stages of development committed to promoting a sense of community and continuity in their artwork. Several artists are members of this group and I am happy to have come across them. This is a cool site, a nice alternative to the blog scene if you are looking for collage comrades!


mtndreaming@gmail.com said...

Perhaps I missed this, but just where do you find MMCA? Is this a Yahoo group? Thanks. donna

julie said...

MMCA is not a yahoo group. It is a private group. The link is

You join the group by application and there are rules of membership to follow. Their website includes many collage examples from each of the artists in the group.

I found it by reading on Katies blog (please see previous post) and she mentioned that she had applied for membership. I followed up and discovered the website.

Hope this helps!

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