S.U. Nayman — Digital Collage from Turkey


This work is by S.U. Nayman, a turkish collagist, saw his work in the BAK magazine (I'll get back to BAK later!). This is digital collage, but it really has the feel of regular collage. Regular Collage?! Is there a special term for collage work that isn't digital?? Studio collage? S.U. Nayman's work made me look twice to decide whether it was digital or not. I liked his choice of imagery and the illustrative nature of his pieces. (The squeezing cheek butt face on this particular artwork really knocked me over, therefore I chose this piece for an example)

I usually try not to stray too much into digital collage in my blog postings, but to do so is to leave out an entire realm of artworks that are included under that broad category of "collage". It isn't exactly in my genre or specialization...so I don't ferret out digital work for comparison and closer study very often. The composition techniques are so far apart from each other. I have been working on computer graphics as a day job for printers and IT work since 1985 and altho I enjoy digital manipulation, I prefer to get my hands dirty!

Back to BAK magazine! This was a nice little online score I got off of SCENE360, a film and arts online zine. There is a lot of pages in the zine, a lot of interesting photography, some really cool artwork, and it's bilingual! I really don't know what language it is, but it's super to have an English translation side by side on the pages! Download a copy. It's a worthy publication. And then go view some of Nayman's stuff!

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