Blogging & Self Discipline

It's great to be back! I have enjoyed taking a few moments to gather myself, visit with family and regroup. But in the back of my mind, there was this voice that was prodding me to get back to the regularly scheduled program. The blog has helped me keep in focus, and keep in touch with the pulse of art. I had not realized how my posting here on the blog has kept me in the loop. Not in the loop with others, but more in the loop with my own head, my own thinking, and my own interests. Blogging is an elaborate form of self discipline, in my case. I like to stray, my mind likes to wander and explore, I like to make excuses on why I can't find time to do things...and by forcing myself to examine art in some manner each day, I am creating a healthy dialogue between my mind and my body! By taking a break, I feel as tho I was allowing my body to be lazy and take over--and do nothing. This probably sounds insane, but I find that my mind and body don't always like to cooperate and each one takes a turn in sabotaging the final "me". There is this part of me that just likes to DEFY, even my own self!
So, I am thankful for the blog. I have found a reason for it to be a part of my daily actions...so let's get this thing back up and rolling, shall we??

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