collage overload

I get searching the web, reading newsgroups and reading blogs. I get involved with looking at images on websites, and taking in their meaning. I see endless lists of artists, creatives from every nook and cranny on the planet. There is so much going on, so many talented people, and so many folks doing things....AND IT OVERWHELMS ME!
At first, it all is so exciting, new thoughts, new ideas, new techniques and plans. I feel that I have a network, and there IS a community. There are others who feel like me, do things like me! Then, it becomes so overwhelming, too many ideas, thoughts....I end up feeling so insignificant and unimportant. I am merely a drop in this large bucket. It must be important for me to feel unique. The internet makes everyone feel like they are only fingertips away...and in this experience you find out that you really are not so special. Or are you?
I have been trying to post amazing artists here, and tell about places where you can learn about collage. This is quite an exhausting task for me. I really do end up with a sensory overload problem.
To repair my wigged out senses, the only thing I can do is remove all the distraction and clutter for awhile...until I calm down. This is what is happening at the moment for me. I am in sensory overload, and I feel so very small. I have been taking some moments for myself to relate to all these new facts and ideas. I apologize for not posting a daily artist, or not commenting on things as regularly as I have in the past. I just need to rejuvenate a bit! I definitely am by no means ending my blog experience, but I am slowing down a little to reflect on these things. I don't think I can make great changes within myself, unless I take the time to understand the new information that I have taken in. I just need to sit back and take a deep breath.

"Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
Watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament,
Another day's useless energy spent.
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
Lonely man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up and suckles her son,
Senior citizens wish they were young."
—moody blues


tess reisman said...

I check your site everyday. I enjoy your art and appreciate your eye. Being an artist myself I understand being overwhelmed and in effect silenced. Take all the time that you need but please know that you are unique and needed!

The Renzntzman said...

I just found your site and you're slowing down? AGHH! Just kidding. I understand about being overwhelmed and feeling like a little fish in a huge ocean. The more I surf the net, the more I see how not so unique my stuff is. I hope you find the rest you need and come back refreshed. But please, come back!

Laura said...

Hello My dear friend,
I was once told you have to fall apart first then you can regroup and pick up the piece that you need for the next journey. so your takeing a break. good for you, I usually feel that way after a good couple of months of teaching, workshops and shows. I need to go and fill the creative well as Juila Cameron would say. but when one gives as freely as you do sometime is need to regroup and gain strengh.
Peace my friend,
be well
We're here for you when you return.


Hey Julie,

I know what you mean. It's a strange world out there. There are many artists, and realize that you're only looking at a fraction of one percent of them. Those are the artists who self-identify, or have shows, or put their sites out there. I spend a fair amount of time looking at art work...it's hard to curate from a desktop.

My guess is things will sort themselves out. Maybe the next step in evolution will be an external hardrive for the brain.



Anonymous said...

I think that while there are indeed many, many artists - most of them are younger. Fewer and fewer people stay with art the older we get. It's just tough to keep at it and get the health insurance and everything else. And it's interesting how many, those who stay with it, sort of do it in secret. They've given up on the gallery dream or they just don't want to talk about it for a million reasons, but they still make art.

If you stay with it, you'll end up feeling special. Because you will be rare.


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